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Hey people of Deviantart! me and :icondustindemon: were talkin about it, but we think we should have a Rayman Legends art jam! Not just strictly Origins/Legends, but all of the Rayman series. The original, 2, Rabbids, whatever! If you feel up for it, send a note/tumblr message, i think I'll make the due date October 1st.


1. :iconiceclimbers87: : Teensie King 
Rayman Art Jam : Teensie King by iceclimbers87

HEY IT'S GLOBOX YEAH COOL by dustindemon

4. :iconbradandez: : Barbara
(WIP) Barbs by Bradandez

5. :iconclaraknight: : Razorbeard
[Art Jam entry] GET HIM! by ClaraKnight

6. : Lum King

Olympia, Dragon Slayer by MableTheRabbid

8. :icongrimphantom: : Ursula

9. :iconde-masque: : Betilla

11. :iconpurpledazz:

12:  Katziification: Murfy…


Sat Jan 19, 2008, 8:21 AM
Rar Ghidorah

Saiko & Lavender

Sat Jan 19, 2008, 8:12 AM
Very Cute…

Anyone read this comic? It's very cute, crazy and awesome. I remember finding this comic randomly awhile back. Of course being an idiot at the time, I was only interested in the art.
Later when my mind fully developed, I grew to enjoy the writing much more. The friendship/conflict of Saiko and Lavender is great, with your standard happy bunny girl, and aggressive cat girl.
The Spooktacular comic of it is adorably funny too, with flaming children!
Read it dammit!
also for :iconamegoddess:'s contest

It's a Me!

Wed Nov 14, 2007, 3:36 PM
obligatory Super Mario Galaxy entry!

Wow didn't update this for a year :D how's it goin? Me? Got a wii, and..all that crazy stuff %B
Psychonauts (as you can see in art) has been inspiring :D

if you haven't played it, you should at least give it a rental.
^___^ I'm happy. I got voted most artistic at school !
Happy Birthday to me.....XD
10,000 pageviews...XD
Im at my grandparents....but since there is only 1 PC unlike my house which has 5....getting to the net is a pain, so right now is the only time. so no art until Monday at the earliest. ^^;;; GTG

Yes I have my Spring Break next week =(

but in other news, Wario Ware for the CUBE is a success for me! ^___^ not sure when I'll update this, I'll be gone this Friday-Tuesday at my Grandparents...I prolly wont be online...since they have 1 PC and my family likes getting on! ^^; anyway, Im still in teaching session from my yeah. XD
Who hit my 6,000th mark? XD
YAY! This holiday is sucky lol!
DA is buggy I know!  Why do I have a poem in 1969? (o0);;; 1969 is before my time, and I dont write poems. what the crap.
is on Saturday.  yay.....oh i also updated my featured deviation =)
things I've been obsessed with lately

1.The Clayfighter series *ahh memories*
2.Conker *w00t for the drunkard!*
3.Azumanga Daioh =)
4.The Mario Series, and will be forever!
5.Magical Shopping District....its like someone put two gallons of sugar in a mountain dew mixed with eating Poprocks!
6.other things.. XD

my bday is in 16 days and countin'
its on the 31st. a saturday which makes it all the better *hates going to school on bday for some reason*

gunna have pizza that night yay!
5000th hit already? I didnt even notice XDXDXD

heheh :hug: for all!   XD

thanks for informing me :icondustindemon:  LOL thanks man!

^__^ good day, so good

Why am I posting...Im not sure.... I got Azumanga Daioh on the mind like 24-7, my bday is on the 31st *I dont care really*

i feel like an arse for being a jerk to some people the last couple days.  sorry to everyone I hurt....I feel a lil' better now thanks to some bowling.

^__^ now then is everything all better? I dont know! I WANNA PLAY CONKER NOW!!! *die*
Im very randomish heehe

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: for all me friends! XDXDXD